Pull Request Preview




label string

Text on the left side of the badge.

message string

Text on the right side of the badge.

url string

If added, the badge will be wrapped with this URL.

color string

The color for the badge. The default value is blue #0052CC

icon string

Icon string e.g. jira or an url for external icon.

Available icons
airbnb, apple, appveyor, atom, awesome, azure, azurepipelines, bitcoin-lightning, bitcoin, buymeacoffee, chrome, circleci, cocoapods, codacy, codebeat, codeclimate, codecov, codeship, commonwl, deepscan, dependabot, devrant, discord, dockbit, docker, eclipse, firefox, flow, git, gitguardian, github, gitlab, gitter, gnome, goodreads, googleplay, graphql, haskell, java, jira, jsdelivr, keybase, kofi, lgtm, libraries, mastodon, maven, medium, now, npm, nuget, packagephobia, patreon, peertube, php, pleroma, postgresql, pypi, reddit, rss, ruby, scrutinizer, slack, sonarqube, sourcegraph, telegram, terminal, terraform, travis, twitter, typescript, vercel, visualstudio, wiki, windows, zeit

imageUrl string

The URL of the image.

when string

JavaScript code that must be an expression (something which evaluates to a boolean). Example: $additions > 200


$payload object

Raw webhook payload object from GitHub. Check out the webhook payload documentation for further information.

$prNumber int

The number of this Pull Request.

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.number

$branchName string

The name of the branch where your changes are implemented.

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.head.ref

$issuePrefix string

The branch name or Pull Request title issue prefix extracted when following the Naming Convention.

$author string

Name of the Pull Request author.

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.user.login

$isDraft boolean

Indicates whether this Pull Request is a draft.

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.draft

$additions int

The number of additions made in this Pull Request

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.additions

$deletions int

The number of deletions made in this Pull Request

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.deletions

$commits int

Total number of commits

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.commits

$changedFiles int

Total number of changed files

Shorthand for: $payload.pull_request.changed_files

$owner string

Name of the repository owner

Shorthand for: $payload.repository.owner.login

$repo string

Name of the repository

Shorthand for: $

$slug string

The repository slug eg. Codertocat/Hello-World

Shorthand for: $payload.repository.full_name