Add context to your pull request descriptions

Pull Request Badge lets you programmatically insert badges in your pull request descriptions and then link them to anything. Like this one 👇

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How it works

After installation, Pull Request Badge will receive a webhook event whenever a Pull Request is opened or edited. Based on the configuration file in your repository, badges that match criteria will be inserted at the beginning of the Pull Request description.

Initially created to create JIRA badges, Pull Request Badge evolved to handle any kind of information. For example: how about adding a preview badge with a link to a preview instance? Or indicate if the Pull Request is rather large? Check out our playground to learn more. Your creativity is the limit.


  • Sign into GitHub and install the app.
  • Create a .github/pr-badge.yml file in your repository with this configuration.
  • Create a Pull Request where the title starts with a JIRA prefix like: "CORE-123 Tweak login page"

Naming convention

Pull Request Badge uses the following naming convention to extract the $issuePrefix. Please make sure your branch name or Pull Request title contains an uppercase issuePrefix.

Branch names

  • ABC-123
  • ABC-123-better-accessibility
  • foo/ABC-123
  • foo/ABC-123 -better-accessibility

Pull Request titles

  • ABC-123
  • ABC-123 Better accessibility
  • [ABC-123] Better accessibility
  • foo/ABC-123
  • foo/ABC-123 Better accessibility


Pull Request Badge takes the security extremely seriously. We connect to your pull request via GitHub Apps, so we don't need to store any credentials.

We don't store your code

In fact, we don't even have permissions to read any other files besides the configuration file located at .github/pr-badge.yml

We follow the principle of least privilege

The scope of the permissions that we request access to is very targeted. We only request access to what we need. Pull Request Badge requires the following GitHub permissions:

  • Read access to files located at .github/pr-badge.yml.

    This file contains the configuration for Pull Request Badge. We cannot read or write any source code!

  • Read access to metadata.

    All GitHub Apps require the Metadata permission. The metadata permission provides access to a collection of read-only endpoints with metadata for various resources. These endpoints do not leak sensitive private repository information.

  • Read and write access to pull requests.

    We use the Pull Requests permission to listen for new Pull Requests required to update the pull request descritpon with badges.


If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to concat me